industrial design


• Project Planning   • Visual Language   • Form Factor Development   • Concept Development  • Proof of Concept  • Scenario Development  • Ergonomics   • Design for Manufacture   • Graphical User Interface  • Advanced Visualization

• Project Planning   
• Visual Language
• Form Factor Development
• Concept Development
• Proof of Concept
• Scenario Development
 • Ergonomics  
• Design for Manufacture  
• Graphical User Interface
 • Advanced Visualization


The Industrial Design Department fosters a team environment and champions the free expression of ideas. Innovations don’t happen in isolation, they are the rewards of constant collaboration.

We are critical thinkers and problem solvers with one goal – to create value by maximizing your product’s impact with customers and end users. We leverage the sweet spot where user needs, implementation requirements, and marketplace opportunities intersect. By focusing on the right problems at the right times, we make smarter product development choices. The result is compelling product designs that benefit your organization and delight your customers.

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